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There is incredible power in your voice and we're to help you explore it!

Learn how to enhance all the unique elements that make you sound the way you do and communicate specific messages with confidence, skill, and ease.

Good vocal production is especially important in performance but elite vocal production takes your voice to another level.

Out. Of. This. World!

About The Elite Voice Master Blueprint Program

The Elite Voice Master Blueprint is a voice training program designed to help voice artists go from a good voice to an elite voice...one that is versatile, agile, and precise in its communication goal. It's about fine tuning your voice so that you have complete control for any vocal genre.

    Live weekly coaching calls offer you the type of feedback on your vocal skills that has been lacking in the voice industry.

  • Develop and expand your vocal range so that you can perform a wider range of voice projects.

  • Gain complete control of your voice so that you can perform any type of voice project in a variety of environments and circumstances.

  • Learn how to work out all the right muscles in your body and train the systems that control your voice so that it is more versatile, flexible, and agile.


Founder, CEO

Dr. Cindy Milligan

Dr. Cindy Milligan is Founder & CEO of Milligan Vocal Arts Institute. She is a voice coach and specializes in helping creative professionals use their voices more creatively in performance. Dr. Milligan created a theory called, "Sonic Vocality" which explains how actors use their voices to create characters in movies. She uses that research to help actors understand the Power in their voices through a YouTube Channel, "The Power In Your Voice."

Elite Voice Master Blueprint Program Design

I want to help you Shine and Amplify your voice!

  • Live Online Training

    2 hours for live online training via Zoom for 8 weeks.

  • Private Online Community

    Join me in a private online community for questions, feedback, and interaction with other participants.

  • Live Coaching Call

    Follow up the live Zoom training with a live 2 hour coaching call.


The Vocal Power 12 got me 2 national commercials!

Mark H.

I was immediately drawn to the radial mind map and how we can change our voice through some changes on this radial map (The Vocal Power 12). I utilized this practice on a few auditions and noticed an immediate improvement in my booking rate! Thank you Dr. Cindy for your work.

3 New Characters!

Ari C.

By the time I got through the program I was able to develop 3 characters and they're all totally different. I can't think of any program or acting class that I've taken that would have taught me to alter my voice to take on a different character in that way. I've only  previously learned about taking on different characters through my body – physically  - not so much through my voice.

Awesome Experience!

April W.

What an awesome experience this was. I learned some good practical skills and I am ready to go to the next level. You are amazing thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Excellent teacher, great value!

Mary R.

I'll recommend you to anyone interested in voice work... Cindy, you're an excellent teacher, a natural. And what you're offering is a great value.

Valuable information!

Barbara F.

Thanks so much for giving us this valuable information on how to use and maintain our instrument (voice).


  • Is this a voiceover coaching program?

    No. This is a voice training program but uses a variety of content types including voiceover scripts, speeches, presentations, and other creative works from a variety of genres to give participants a means to practically apply the skills learned.

  • What if I miss a week of training?

    All calls will be recorded and available to program participants for replay and review.

  • What kind of content is in the program?

    The bulk of the training is centered on developing a versatile, flexible, and agile voice for creative performance. There's also a vocal workout studio, vocal health center, and a proprietary unit called The Splash Lab, which focuses on hydration for the body and voice.

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